Introducing The “How To Start Good Habits” Series

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blog_habits00Do you know Tom Petty’s song where he says, “the waiting is the hardest part”? When it comes to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, a more apt lyric might be “the starting is the hardest part.”


Escaping The Depression-Obesity Cycle

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Chronic depression is a sly condition. If you suffer from it, you probably can’t pinpoint when it first had you in its grip. It just crept up on you until you realized you needed to do something to lift the weight holding you down.


“Back to School”- Weight Loss Edition

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Summer is winding down and your children are gearing up for school. The turn of the season is a new beginning. Why wait until New Year’s to think about losing weight when you can start now? Fall is a time of change – new season, new school year, and even a new lifestyle. Listen to our new podcast episode on Back to School Weight Loss and Creating a Healthy Home Environment.


Is Body Contouring The Same As Weight Loss?

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blog_coolscuptingCosmetic services apparently aren’t only for the rich and famous anymore. In the US, over 14 million procedures were conducted in 2016. And according to latest estimates, the market is expected to top $27 billion by the year 2019.


Can Your Sense Of Smell Impact Your Weight?

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blog_smellSometimes clinical research studies can seem really far out there, like the one that attached long weighted sticks to the rear ends of chickens to gain insight into how dinosaurs walked the earth. Or hilariously obvious, like the Journal of American Medicine’s “Study shows a beneficial effect of electric fans in extreme heat and humidity.” Hmmm…


Losing Weight During The Summer

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water-165219_640The summer months are a time for us to have some fun in the sun, but it’s also a season that may pose some risk to patients trying to lose weight. Between vacations, holiday barbecues, and a generally slower pace of life, patients may be tempted to relax their weight loss efforts. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are many ways patients can enjoy summer and still remain on track.



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