Weight Loss Forum Support: How It Helps You Lose Weight

July 19, 2011

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forumsWhen you think of getting support to reach your weight loss goals, in addition to friends, coworkers, family, and others in your life, consider tapping into our online weight loss forums (message boards) for additional help.

Of course not only are the weight loss forums free and available 24 hours a day, they???re also filled with people who have the same hopes, dreams, goals, struggles, and triumphs as you ??? people on the very same journey and medical weight loss plan.

For example, here???s part of a recent exchange in the weight loss forums about coping with cravings:

PageantQueen: ???How long should one be on the program before the cravings go away? Any helpful tips on cutting the urge to fulfill the “taste” for a certain food? Thank you in advance for any insight.???

Tarotknits: ???My weakness is cheeseburgers?Ķ I love them?Ķthat is one of my problems, I’ve been addicted to food all my life. I’m an emotional eater. Happy, sad, it all revolved around food… The phrase I ask myself every time I have one of these cravings is ???Would you rather have a cheeseburger, or a heart attack???? I pick staying on the diet every time.???

PageantQueen: ????ĶHang in there and you are right, I will keep thinking to myself, ???would you rather have a cheeseburger or a heart attack???????

As you can see, such exchanges can help everyone involved. In fact, studies have shown that support from online weight loss forums can be as effective, or sometimes even more so, than those closest to you.

While that may sound surprising, the reality is sometimes those in your inner circle may be almost too close to support you during your weight loss journey. Perhaps they have a weight issue themselves, or a food addiction, unhealthy patterns, or even just that they have never faced a weight issue themselves ??? things that may leave them unable to be of much support or truly understand what you are experiencing.

Of course not everything you read in a weight loss forum will be good advice, or even helpful. So like anything, you???ll need to use your own judgment or check in with others for a second opinion if something doesn???t ring true.

But for the most part I think you???ll find reading and participating in the weight loss forums to be an enriching and educational experience, another tool to turn to that can help you gain awareness and perspective about your goals. So if you haven???t already, stop by and check them out today. I think you???ll be glad you did.

And who knows when what you have to say will also be just what someone else needed to hear. It works both ways!

Dr. Michael Kaplan

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

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