Losing Belly Fat: Is It Possible?

July 21, 2011

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belly fatYou may have seen ads for products that guarantee to burn belly fat quickly and easily, or perhaps you yourself just want to lose fat from around your abdomen. But is it possible?

The answer is no, and yes.

No, supplements, weight loss aids, and the like cannot burn belly fat.?? And no, spot exercises can???t target just this trouble zone.

But yes, you can lose abdominal fat by following a balanced, low-calorie, high-protein, high-nutrition diet paired with regular exercise and behavioral counseling.

Let me explain a bit more. Many weight loss products and aids promise a quick and easy fix, which is appealing, but in the long run these products don???t deliver, can lead to muscle loss and rebound weight gain, and in the worst case scenario be hazardous to your health. My advice? Stay away.

What will work is what I have described above and what we do at The Center for Medical Weight Loss. Our customized weight loss plans tailored just for you and supervised by a medical professional trained in the issues of weight loss will help you lose weight ??? including belly fat ??? while preserving muscle. In addition, counseling helps you to break old patterns and learn how to not just lose the weight, but keep it off for good.

Losing excess belly fat is a good goal because excess weight around the middle has been linked to a whole host of serious medical conditions including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more.

But you can???t just spot lose belly fat. You must reduce your overall body fat stores, which if you are someone who stores weight around the middle is where most of your fat loss will come from and where 50 percent of the body fat most people carry is located.

Body composition monitoring, which is a key part of our plan, allows you to monitor not only how much weight you are losing but how much of it is fat, muscle, or water and exactly where those losses are coming from. Knowing all that is essential to knowing that you actually are accomplishing your goal ??? to lose belly fat along with reducing overall body fat.

So, if you???re concerned about belly fat loss and want to get rid of it in a healthy and permanent way, don???t reach for a pill or potion. Give us a call and let us show you how to do it without endangering your health.

Dr. Michael Kaplan

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

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