Detox Diets: Do They Really Work?

July 25, 2011

detox dietDetox diets, cleanses, and fasts may be trendy in the weight loss world, but do they really work? In short, when it comes to weight loss ??? or, more accurately, fat loss ??? no. Detox diets for weight loss are not the answer.

These extremely low-calorie detox diet plans don???t begin to offer the nutrition your body needs, which will trigger a starvation response that in turn encourages your body to drop water weight and muscle mass but preserve fat stores at all costs if followed for any length of time.

Another popular claim is that detox diets cleanse out your colon and digestive tract, eliminating excess weight in the form of built up feces and toxins. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. A person simply cannot be remotely healthy and also have pounds of build up in their digestive tract. This is something only seen when someone is at the end of their life and very, very ill.

Likewise, these so-called detoxifying diets may come complete with a ???mystery concoction??? of potions to drink during the fast. Such products can be anything from simply sugar and vitamins to a potentially dangerous blend of herbal and/or illegal medications.

So don???t be fooled. The average overweight or obese American???s weight is not in the form of excess toxins, it???s in the form of excess fat. So following a plan whose goal is to eliminate fat ??? not toxins ??? is the solution.

Of course, eating a balanced diet of nutritious foods will help you feel better and is less toxic compared to a diet made up of fast food and processed food. Drinking plenty of plain water will also help you feel and look better. But fasting, at least for the purpose of weight loss, won???t. (Fasting for the purpose of spiritual reasons is an entirely different matter, and not to be confused with detox diets or weight loss.)

For those with food addictions or a lot of weight to lose, following a high-quality, medically supervised liquid diet can provide quick weight loss without triggering a starvation response, and also help someone break away from unhealthy foods and eating patterns.

We offer such a plan to the patients in The Center for Medical Weight Loss program who would benefit from it, along with many other proven and effective techniques to help you lose excess fat and improve your overall health at the same time ??? a much safer and more effective method than a detox diet for weight loss.

Dr. Michael Kaplan

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

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