Lose 50 Pounds Through Medical Weight Loss

February 2, 2012

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Do you have 50 pounds of weight to lose, or more? While it might seem daunting, I’ve seen many people successfully lose this much weight (or more) and keep it off, and I know that you can, too!

Take Keith, a patient of mine in his late 40s, for example. He’s successfully lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for over 3 years now. He says he feels better today than he has since he was in college. Follow Keith’s lead with these tips to lose 50 pounds:

Don’t Go for a Quick Fix: It might be tempting to opt for a quick fix like the latest fast or miracle weight loss product, but the reality is these plans set you up to fail because any weight lost is quickly regained once the diet ends. You can still lose 50 pounds or more quickly ??? and more important, healthfully ??? by following a nutritionally rich, low-calorie diet plan, increasing your activity level, and changing your habits.

Get Ready to Do Things Differently: Keith credits his success to changing old habits that weren’t working for him. He’s replaced the daily time he used to spend on the couch with time walking or swimming and avoids situations like buffets where he is tempted to overeat. Replacing old bad habits with healthier new ones is key to losing weight for good.

Reward Yourself Along the Way: Keep yourself motivated by breaking up your larger goal into smaller milestones and reward yourself for reaching them. For example, buy yourself some new clothes each time you drop a size or pamper yourself with a massage, facial, or other spa treatment when you reach a goal.

Check Your Attitude: Keith says he looks forward to his workouts as time he’s investing in himself, rather than looking at them as a form of punishment. In a similar way, you can be on the lookout for negative self-talk. Instead of feeling deprived or focusing on what you are giving up to lose 50 pounds, focus on all the positive things you are gaining and how good you feel when you take good care of yourself.

Go High Bulk, Low Calorie: The best way to lose 50 pounds is not to starve yourself by eating skimpy portions of the same old foods. You’ll only end up fighting hunger, cravings, and binges every step of the way. Aim to eat a high bulk, low-calorie diet instead. Add bulk with plenty of fiber in the form of fresh produce with every meal. Be sure you are eating enough lean protein such as fish, chicken, tofu, or eggs to preserve muscle mass and fight off hunger. In fact, many of my patients are surprised to find they are actually eating more food than before and still losing weight all because they are eating different kinds of foods.

Get Accountable: Keith says knowing he will be coming to my office to weight in, even long after he has met his goal, keeps him accountable. When he does start to regain weight, we take action to discover why and how he can get back on track. When he tried to lose weight on his own, he said he would have the best of intentions but he just couldn???t stay on track.

If you have tried to lose 50 pounds or more before and failed, don’t give up. Come to The Center for Medical Weight Loss and let us help you make your goal a reality.

Dr. Michael Kaplan

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

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