6 Physician Diet Tips

August 8, 2012

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healthy weight lossWould a doctor give you different advice about how to lose weight than others? Yes! Here are some physician diet tips I share with my own patients:

Focus on Quality: Many people in America are overfed but under nourished. Eating less of the same old foods isn???t the answer to successful weight loss, learning to eat well is. To maintain a healthy weight make sure to eat fresh, high quality foods in as close to their natural form as possible.

Don???t Starve Yourself: Focusing on calories alone is also not the answer. A low calorie diet lacking nutrition will only trigger a starvation response. This is where your body loses muscle and water weight instead of fat, slowing your metabolism. Meeting your body???s nutritional needs while also cutting calories is key to fat loss.

Forget Most of What You Know: One reason that most diet plans only work temporarily, if at all, is that they???re not based on sound advice. Some people would rather believe fad diet advice than accept that maintaining an ideal weight is simply about learning how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Break Old Patterns: There are as many reasons why people struggle with their weight, as there are overweight people. Understanding your own causes of weight gain through behavioral counseling and learning how to recognize and overcome them is the key to breaking old patterns for good.

Change Your Routine: Many Americans sit too much and don???t move nearly enough. We park in the closest spot, take the elevator over the stairs, and spend our leisure time in front of the computer or television. No wonder we have a national obesity crisis. Looking for little ways to add movement into your routine can add up to hundreds of extra calories burned every day without ever setting foot in a gym.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind: Being at your goal weight is of no use if you destroy your health in the process. The reality is it isn???t easy to lose excess weight, but it is possible. Our physician led weight loss program focuses on helping you lose weight safely, and effectively, and most importantly staying healthy and fit for life.

Dr. Michael Kaplan

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

The Center for Medical Weight Loss


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