7 Weight Loss Myths

October 22, 2012

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weight loss mythsWith one in three people overweight or obese, it???s no wonder that there is a lot of misinformation about weight loss out there. Are any of these 7 weight loss myths holding you back?

Weight Loss Myth Number 1: You Just Need Willpower

Oh if it were only that easy. Wanting to lose the weight badly enough is important, but it is not the only key to successful weight loss. For many people the missing element isn???t desire, it???s information. Losing weight is not easy, despite what anyone claims. So don???t let anyone (including yourself) tell you it???s only because you don???t want it badly enough.

Weight Loss Myth Number 2: You Have to Starve Yourself

Fad diets based on an extremely limited calorie intake may seem to work initially but like a boomerang they backfire every time. Why? A too-low or unbalanced calorie intake triggers your body???s primitive starvation response ??? slowing your metabolism, using muscle for fuel instead of fat, — making losing weight harder and harder.

Weight Loss Myth Number 3: It???s All About Calories

Calorie counting is important, but again it is not the be-all, end-all of dieting. Increasing your activity level while following a balanced low-calorie diet helps to preserve and build muscle and encourages weight loss to come from where you want it to ??? excess fat stores.

Weight Loss Myth Number 4: You Can Never Eat Certain Foods Again

Be very skeptical of any diet program that cuts out whole lists of foods or food groups. The truth is, you can lose weight and still occasionally enjoy your favorite ???bad??? foods ??? in moderation. In fact, telling yourself you can never again enjoy birthday cake or ice cream, for example, will only make both more appealing. You can have any food as long as you keep portions in moderation and stay on your plan the majority of the time.

Weight Loss Myth Number 5: It???s Just Too Late

No matter how long you have been overweight and no matter how old you are now, it is never too late to finally get your weight problem under control. And the beautiful thing is the minute you start to follow a balanced program and give your body what it needs, your health will start improving immediately no matter what shape you are in now.

Weight Loss Myth Number 6: You Will Be Miserable While Losing Weight

Have you ever noticed that people seem to automatically assume losing weight will be a miserable experience? It doesn???t have to be at all! In fact when you lose weight the right way you???ll likely be eating more food, feel better, and be learning how to care for your body rather than punish it.

Weight Loss Myth Number 7: The Weight Will Only Come Back

Many people do lose weight only to regain it. But it doesn???t have to be that way. If you learn how to eat, how to add more movement into your life, and break habits and patterns that have led to your weight gain, you can be confident that you will keep the weight off for good. You can put an action plan to achieve it as well as an action plan for countering any weight regained before it gets past the 5 or 10 pound mark.

You can lose excess weight and live a happier, healthier life. In fact, our success stories prove it!

Dr. Michael Kaplan

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

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