Don’t Believe The Hype! Sugar Is Still Bad For You

August 17, 2015

As the Medical Director of The Center for Medical Weight Loss and longtime practitioner of its medical weight loss program, I feel it is my responsibility to my patients and to those suffering from weight issues everywhere to respond to any obesity-related events that have suspicious or confusing overtones. Last week, the New York Times reported one such piece of news about the launch of a new non-profit organization called the Global Energy Balance Network. I feel that this non-profit sends a dangerous message about weight management that will ultimately lead to very serious and costly health issues for those who believe it.

There Global Energy Balance Network promotes the argument that the root cause of obesity is not tied to the volume or quality of the foods we eat, but rather due to low levels of physical activity. Through science-based research they conclude that our energy (in the form of calories in and calories out) is out of balance, and that the real solution is for you is to work exponentially harder at the gym to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

This is utter insanity.

Notwithstanding the volumes of clinical research proving that successful weight loss begins with food choices, the most important reason to reject this organization’s message is because of who is backing it. As the New York Times reported, the Coca-Cola Company, the world’s leader in sugary beverage production, is a major contributor to the Global Energy Balance Network. It should be no surprise that Coca-Cola is resorting to such tactics. The company’s sales have been declining due to the public’s growing awareness of the serious harm sugary beverages can do. When that happens, it, and companies like it, rev up the public relations engine to try to confuse the real science.

And the real science behind the harmful effects of sugar is clear. When your body is not overloaded with sugar, its natural metabolic processes can act as designed. You’ll have more energy, experience less illness, maintain strong bones and teeth (not to mention fewer cavities), and of course, thrive at a healthy weight.

Of course physical activity is a critical part of any weight loss (and especially weight maintenance) program. But it is not the definitive solution or answer to your weight loss prayers. Don’t let Coca-Cola or any food company try to persuade you differently. Trust in your medical providers and the real facts about how weight loss works.

Dr. Matthew G. Pinto
Medical Director, The Center for Medical Weight Loss

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