Stopping Body Shaming For The Sake Of Treatment

September 28, 2015

At CMWL we place a strong emphasis on the health benefits of losing weight and keeping it off for a lifetime. That is our first priority for anyone following the program. However, we want to pause for a moment to address a topic that has recently gained much attention in the media, and frankly it’s distressing to us. That topic is body shaming.

Unfortunately, teasing people for being overweight is not new. What is new is the life it has taken on mainly due to the instant and rapid nature of social media.

Body shaming is one of those activities that represents the darker side of the Internet. For whatever reason we cannot fathom, some people feel perfectly fine with posting judgmental and cutting comments about another person’s weight or appearance on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. It happens among celebrities and everyday people alike. Regardless of who they are, the pain this causes the recipient is unimaginable. Are the offenders aware that they are targeting someone suffering from a chronic condition? Would they be so bold as to say attack someone suffering from heart disease or diabetes?

If there is any positive side to social media’s far-reaching impact on body shaming, it is that in many cases the tables can turn to expose the cruelty of the one doing the shaming. By shining a spotlight on a nasty name caller, the Internet can shower its outrage on the offender until eventually an apology is made. This tends to result in much more public awareness of the dangers of body shaming and how unacceptable it is.

However, even when a body shamer is called to the mat, we are concerned that the most important message is still getting lost. Rather than focus on how someone looks, we all need to focus on how someone feels, both physically and emotionally. Good health is the key, plain and simple. And if the act of body shaming prevents someone from seeking the care and treatment they need to improve their health, then that is the real tragedy in our eyes.

Don’t let body shaming stand in your way of living the best life you can. Talk to your doctor about your health status first. If your weight turns out to be a contributing factor to illness or chronic disease, then pursue a plan to safely reduce it to healthy levels. There’s no shame in taking those steps to wellbeing. There is only courage.

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