Success Stories From The Weight Loss Files: “What Made Me Finally Do It”

March 20, 2017

blog_newwayAs the saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We couldn’t be prouder of the people who did just that by taking action to lose weight. Each story of achievement began with a very personal reason for making the change. We’ve selected a few of them for you to read below, but you can see all of them in our Success Stories section. We hope they provide some inspiration for you to make the leap into a healthier you…



Sandra– “For me, losing weight was all about improving my health. My primary care physician explained that losing just a little bit of weight could help lower my rising blood sugar and cholesterol levels. I knew that I could only succeed long term if I had support.”

Jim– “My orthopedic surgeon told me that I needed knee replacement surgery, and losing weight was the only way my new knees would last. Now that I’ve slimmed down I’ll be able to have both knees replaced.”

Linda– “I was pre-diabetic. I had difficulty walking. I had pain in my knees and ankles. When my primary care physician, Dr. Fignar, told me about how the CMWL program could improve my health, I decided to give it shot.”

Mindy– “Given the choice between going on insulin or changing my lifestyle, I chose the latter. I just couldn’t stand the thought of needles, and to get my weight under control, I knew I needed to find something that worked.”

Wayne– “I was diagnosed with diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS), and felt like a physical wreck. I kept saying to myself that if I lost the weight I would feel a lot better, but was never able to lose the weight before.”

Cynthia– “I began to experience excruciating pain in my right knee and hip. Finally, I grew so tired of the pain, I sought medical attention, only to repeatedly be told that taking weight off my joints would make a tremendous difference.”


Sheila– “I was tired of being tired and overweight. I wanted energy. I wanted to better my health. I wanted to feel good about myself.”

Vinny– “For a long time I was feeling very lazy and slow. I just decided I’d had enough of feeling that way. I also discovered I had a fatty liver and the only way to fix it was to get rid of excess fat. In the end, it was my family who motivated me to lose the weight for good.”

Dora– “It wasn’t until I returned to work and found it difficult to walk any distance without being short of breath, and had to go up several flights of stairs to find 70-year-old men climbing faster than I was able to, that I knew not only was this embarrassing, but it was just not right.”


Betty– “I became motivated to lose weight when I went to Disney with my family and had to rent a scooter every day to get around. I was out of breath and my legs hurt so bad I couldn’t keep up. That was the clincher for me.”

Lori– “ I couldn’t keep up with the kids or do a lot of things I liked to do because of the extra weight. I would get short of breath just going up the stairs, much less going for a walk. I knew I needed to make a change in my eating habits to improve my overall health. I also didn’t like the way I looked when overweight.”


Amanda– “Everything changed one night when I went out to dinner with my friend and her boyfriend. I noticed my friend’s boyfriend was strictly drinking water and not any other kind of beverage. When I asked why, he told me he was on the CMWL program. The more questions I asked, the more intrigued I became.”

Travis– “After seeing pretty amazing results from a few friends, my wife and I finally visited in late June to see what the program was all about. “

Emily– “My husband told me about a male co-worker who had lost 50 pounds through The Center for Medical Weight Loss. I found every excuse I could think of to justify why I shouldn’t even consider the program. Then, one day in April 2011, I had enough, and I decided it wouldn’t hurt anything or anybody to hear about the program.”


Robin– “I became more motivated to lose weight when I saw myself in pictures, especially the last time I got back from Portugal.”

Cheryl– “I saw pictures of myself on a trip with my husband to New Orleans and was shocked because I thought I looked totally different than in the pictures. Then in September, I lost a girlfriend to a suspected heart attack. She was only 40 and left three children younger than mine. I did not want to worry about my weight affecting my health.”

So what’s YOUR reason for being the change you want to see? It’s never too late too late to try. We hope you do!

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