Losing Weight During The Summer

June 30, 2017

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water-165219_640The summer months are a time for us to have some fun in the sun, but it’s also a season that may pose some risk to patients trying to lose weight. Between vacations, holiday barbecues, and a generally slower pace of life, patients may be tempted to relax their weight loss efforts. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are many ways patients can enjoy summer and still remain on track.


I had the pleasure of speaking with fellow CMWL Provider, Dr. Chandra, on our podcast, CMWL Weight Loss Talk. During our conversation we discussed the advice we give our patients trying to lose weight during the summer.

Dr. Chandra is a leading expert in obesity medicine and had helped patients lose over 5000 pounds on the CMWL program.

Here are few great tips we covered during our conversation below. To get the full story, listen to the whole episode. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Dr. Chandra’s travel tips (2:00): I urge patients to stay within their calorie limit as much as possible during travel time. For patients used to cooking their own meal, they can always package them in a microwaveable container. You can find microwaves and refrigerators pretty much at all the hotels. I advise patients to go with nuts and raisins as snacks. Avoid soda and alcoholic beverages, which can add up the calories. Hydrate yourself as much as possible with water. And of course, add in physical activity and exercise during your vacation time.

Dr. Pinto on healthy summer snacks (3:52): Don’t spend a lot of money on room service or unhealthy food or hotel vending machines. Fruit is available during the summer. It’s seasonal and usually easy to get.

Dr. Pinto on portion sizes (4:30): Be mindful of the bigger portion sizes typically found at restaurants and hotels. Even if you’re eating something that’s not going to be perfect, at least you eat the right size portion.

Dr. Pinto’s healthy BBQ foods (5:15): Vegetables are great. You can cut them up and skewer them with some chicken or fish and make really good shish kebabs.

Dr. Chandra on navigating the summer BBQ (5:40): Summer produce like pepper and corn come out really great on the grille. Turkey burgers come out great too. That’s lean meat, so go and look for turkey burgers instead of the regular burgers.

Dr. Chandra talks desserts (6:55): Desserts like ice cream can really add up calories. I advise patients to go for the fruit kebabs or fruit salads. Enjoy summer produce like strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and mangoes. Greek yogurt bars are just as tasty as regular ice cream bars.

Dr. Pinto’s New Jersey summer treat (7:30): You can use fresh fruit and blend it with water then freeze it. You can scrape it up like a water ice. In nice restaurants, they call it granite.

Dr. Chandra’s patient lost 16 pounds in 2 months and improved body image (8:45): Through behavioral counseling, we were able to use that negative thought process as a strong motivator for weight loss. Once she saw that she could lose weight and feel good about herself, she was able to do more. I just saw her this morning and she’s lost 16 pounds in the past 2 months. She feels and looks great. She no longer has that low self-esteem, she’s very confident.

Dr. Chandra’s body image tip (9:55): You have to feel confident in your own skin, you don’t have to have the perfect body image but be confident.

Dr. Pinto on adding exercise into your summer days (11:15): A good place to start is adding a walk after dinner. It stays light out later, it’s a littler cooler with the sun going down.

Dr. Pinto’s patient makes exercise her social event (11:30): I have a patient that’s been walking now for about four weeks, and not only is she doing it and feeling great about it, but she has her two teenage children doing it with her and some of their friends. They made it a social event where they walk and talk and it’s become a nice thing they do every night now.

Dr. Chandra says to hit the pool (12:30): Make use of the pool in those hot summer months. It’s great for those with arthritis or any joint issues in the lower extremities. Water aerobics can be helpful.

Click on the podcast link above to listen to the full podcast episode.


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