5 Tips For Increasing Your Confidence To Lose Weight

March 10, 2018

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blog_confident2Several studies point to the key attribute of self-efficacy that differentiates those who are able to lose weight (and keep it off). Self-efficacy is just a fancy way of saying you believe in yourself to be able to accomplish goals, even if they appear lofty.


There are countless ways you can build your self-confidence to lose weight. Here are five easy tips to start with:

Strike A Power Pose For Two Minutes

Anyone can do this, and it really works! If you need a confidence boost, put your body into a pose that projects power. This can look like standing with your arms overhead in a V-shape, or your arms akimbo on your hips, like Wonder Woman stands before she takes down the villain. By changing your body language, you change your mind. And it only takes two minutes to feel the effects. Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, gives a wonderful TED Talk on the subject. Very much worth the watch!

Look Like A Million Bucks

It may be tempting to stay in sweat pants all day, but no matter your weight they don’t exactly scream confidence. In fact, they may be telling those around you, I give up. This is an easy fix! All you need to do is pick up your game in the grooming and clothing department. Make sure your hair is silky and smooth with a cut that flatters your face. Wear outfits with colors and styles that make the most of your body shape and skin tone. Wear killer shoes! The combined effect will have people asking, Who is that? and boost your confidence to new levels.

Be Grateful

It is extremely easy to complain about what we lack, especially living in a society with media that reminds us everyday that we don’t have enough. And that can translate into negative thoughts of worthlessness and powerlessness. But, if you try the opposite by focusing on what you DO have, you will be pleasantly surprised about how good you feel about yourself. Don’t know where to start? How about with the basics, such as, I’m thankful for my hazel eyes or I am so grateful for my clear complexion. Once you lay a solid foundation of gratitude, it’s easier to build upon it with more things you are thankful for everyday. Soon you will find yourself living in a house of positivity, and that will help you achieve your goals, including weight loss.

Be Prepared

Do you ever have that dream when you find yourself back in high school taking a test that you haven’t studied for? The anxiety is unbearable because you know there is no way you are passing that exam. It can be an indication of feeling weak, and it’s all because you didn’t prepare. Extend this lack of preparation to weight loss and you get a better idea of why your past attempts may have been unsuccessful. Do your research and homework on how weight loss really works to feel more confident in your behaviors and lifestyle choices. Good preparation will lead to higher self-confidence and better results.

Achieve Small Goals

In order to build self-esteem, you need to know what achievement feels like. One of the best ways to do this is to set several small goals for yourself instead of one gigantic one. For instance, rather than focus on I’m going to lose 50 pounds, instead create these smaller goals:

I’m going to exchange my afternoon Grande Latte for a green tea.
I’m going to turn the TV off an hour before I go to sleep.

I’m going to take a 10-minute walk every morning before I go to work.

These smaller goals are much easier to achieve, which works towards moving your confidence to higher levels. Also, look how this worked out. Each of these smaller goals actually contributes to achieving the larger weight loss goal. You’re killing it and didn’t even know it!

We can’t stress it enough! If you believe in yourself, the weight loss will happen. Whatever you do, build confidence first, and the rest will follow.

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