7 Tips for Managing Weight Loss on the Road

August 15, 2018

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blog_ontheroadThere’s no doubt that successful weight loss relies on developing consistent healthy behaviors. From what you put in your morning coffee to the time you lay your head on the pillow, routine is a critical part of developing healthy weight habits.

But what happens when life challenges your ability to create routine? This dilemma often affects people whose jobs require them to be on the road for a majority of their working hours. Winding up in a different location every week and spending countless hours behind a wheel or in a cramped airplane seat can truly test the resolve of someone looking to shed pounds. So does that mean road warriors should give up on their weight loss goals? Absolutely not!

Here are seven tips for staying on track while on the road:

Stay Hydrated

This one may seem obvious, but when you’re on the road, it’s easy to ignore the water bottle sitting next to you. Grab a gallon jug of water and mark it where you should be by a certain time on your journey. Staying hydrated will not only keep you from overeating at rest stops, but it will also keep your energy levels high as you travel from state to state.

Take time to Stretch

Long hours and little sleep make up the world of travelers all across the country. This combination results in little time to keep the body active and moving. Whether it’s during a long flight or taxing drive, finding time to stretch out your muscles is essential to staying in shape. Taking a few minutes to make sure you are properly stretched will keep you energetic throughout your travel and put you on a better path to healthy choices when it comes time to eat.

Choose the more filling options

While more travel hubs are slowly increasing healthy food option selections, most are woefully still lacking in the good nutrition department. If you find yourself at a location where a fresh vegetable is nowhere to be found, it doesn’t mean your entire weight loss effort should go out the window. When faced with a range of not-so-healthy menu selections, you should choose the option that keeps you satisfied for the longest time. This usually means choosing options with protein and fiber. Try to avoid the fried carbs if you can. Check out this guide to understand the fast food industry.

Pack your own snacks

Whether it’s the peanuts on an airplane or the ice cream cone at a rest stop, the options for snacking while traveling leave much to be desired. If you are going to be traveling for long periods of time, you should pack a nutritious and delicious treat that will not only make you happy, but also help you hit your nutritional goals. Whether your choice of snack is trail mix, a banana or apple, or a CMWL meal replacement bar, make sure it will keep you on track and satisfied.

Prepare Whole Food Meals

If you’re not traveling by air, preparing your meals before you leave can alleviate the stress of choosing what to eat on the road. Your meals should consist of a balance of nutritious vegetables and a healthy dose of protein. Though meal-prepping might seem boring, it doesn’t just have to be the typical grilled chicken and broccoli. There are a number of options on the CMWL site that will keep you full and satisfied. If you do plan on prepping your meals in advance, you should invest in some good Tupperware!

Don’t wait to eat

One of the biggest problems with travelers is that they put off eating. They wait until they feel like they are starving to eat their next meal. The problem is waiting usually results in overeating. By eating a nutrient dense meal when you are hungry, you will alleviate the desire to eat whatever is closest to you when you are hungry. Downing a small salad when you are just a bit hungry definitely beats binging on McDonald’s when it feels like you haven’t eaten all day.

Keep coffee simple

Coffee might as well be another layer to the food pyramid for people who travel all day. Even though it’s great for keeping energy levels high, coffee usually packs some extra calories due to the extra sweeteners that Starbucks and other coffee shops offer. If you have ever tasted a pumpkin spiced latte, you know of what we speak. A lot of travelers don’t realize the excess calories in coffee creamer or added sugar can really pump up the number of calories they are consuming. Black coffee may be an acquired taste, but it really is your best bet when trying to lose weight if you don’t want to kick the coffee habit.

When it comes to weight loss, consistent nutrition and exercise beats sporadic salads and jumping jacks every time. You might not see results immediately, but understanding that reaching your weight loss goals will take time will help you stick to a consistent nutritional plan. It doesn’t take one Big Mac and milkshake to gain weight and it won’t take one salad to lose weight, but following these tips will help you get the process started. Despite the difficulty involved, road warriors don’t have to give up their weight loss goals while they travel.


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