Holiday Weight Loss Survival Guide: Activity

December 19, 2018


In just over a week, we’ll be counting down till midnight and ringing in 2019. The start of the New Year motivates millions of Americans to lose weight, but why wait until the ball drops to get started? In this Holiday Weight Loss Survival Guide, we discuss how getting active can get you through New Year’s celebrations and help you with your resolutions.

When we use the phrase, get active, it doesn’t necessarily mean go to the gym and exercise. There are many small things you can do throughout the day to burn extra calories and boost your metabolism. The scientific community refers to these activities as NEAT, or Non-Exercise Activities Thermogenesis. Studies have shown NEAT activities can help you burn an extra 350 calories per day. To put that in perspective, doing NEAT activities for 10 days can help you burn enough calories to lose a pound of fat!

Make 2019 your best year yet by committing to moving more in your daily routine. And why not get a jump on it before the ball drops at midnight? Here are some ideas:

Stand up while you socialize

The holidays are great for spending quality time with your loved ones, but far too often, we get in the habit of slouching on the couch for long periods of time. Do away with the sitting and stand while chatting with family and friends. This will also lead to more socializing, boosting your mindset, and ultimately, helping you lose more weight. It’s estimated that standing burns between 115-150 calories per hour, which is about 33 more calories than sitting.

Hit the dance floor

From Jingle Bell Rock to Santa Baby and everything in between, the holiday season is a great time for music. What’s better than listening to your favorite songs? Losing weight while doing so. Put on your favorite tune and dance your way to better health. This fun activity can make any party come to life and help you burn upwards of 500 calories in an hour.

Shop till you drop

Whether you’re doing last-minute, emergency shopping or just looking for the latest deals, visit stores instead of shopping online. All the small steps you take while strolling through the aisles can have a surprising effect on weight loss. You’ll be burning more calories with each store you visit. Want more? Take the calorie burning a step further (literally) by parking further away. Even burning a few extra calories at each visit will definitely add up by the time your holiday shopping is done.

Help with cleaning

With holiday parties comes the extra responsibility of making sure the house is clean and tidy. Whether it’s before the guests arrive or after they leave, lend a hand cleaning. It may seem like more of a chore than a workout, but an hour of scrubbing and sweeping can help you burn about 200 calories.

To keep your motivation moving in the right direction, listen to our podcast on how exercise fits into your weight loss strategy. And be sure to listen to other episodes of Weight Loss Talk to get a fuller understanding of how medical weight loss works. Happy holidays from all of us at CMWL!


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