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Obesity & COVID-19: A Dangerous Combination

Posted on March 3, 2021 by Leave a comment

thumbnail_COVID-19-BLOG-1While the country continues to navigate the uncertainty of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, recent evidence points to a distressing yet sadly unsurprising fact. Obesity, and especially morbid obesity, is linked to higher mortality and severe symptoms due to COVID-19 when compared to healthy weight patients.

While there’s encouraging news about the widespread availability of the COVID-19 vaccines, we won’t be out of the woods for a while. We should also view the pandemic as a wake-up call to the dangers of obesity to our general health.


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blog_staystrongAs the US continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that we all need to find ways to adapt to a new daily routine that not only keeps us safe from infection but helps us achieve sustainable good health and happiness. One of the benefits of the CMWL program is the personalized care you receive from your provider and center staff. We understand that COVID-19 CDC guidelines and government stay-in-place orders place stress on these relationships and ultimately your ability to stay on track towards your medical weight loss goals.

In the spirit of adaptation, we wanted to make you aware of some options you have access to as part of your CMWL program that can keep your connection intact and keep you motivated to keep going.


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Managing Mental Health At Home

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Untitled design (1)Living through a global pandemic is certainly new to all of us and has placed intense new pressures on our physical health. Perhaps an unexpected outcome of our new normal is the toll it has taken on our mental health as well. Dealing with social isolation, changes in job structure, finances, daily routine, and even living situations have led to heightened levels of stress and anxiety. We are social creatures by nature, so the inability to console each other in person adds extra salt to the wound.

But maybe we can look at this time as an opportunity. The good news is that there is heightened recognition of the need for stronger mental health services and support. And good mental health has always been a key to healthy weight loss, too. It may be more important now than ever.


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Exercise: Staying Active while Socially Distancing

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Comments are off

Untitled design (2)If you’re currently stuck at home, you may be feeling discouraged about what this will mean for your weight loss goals, especially when it comes to exercise. You may have enjoyed working out at the gym or in a group exercise class as part of your routine. Plenty!

Exercise is vital for our mental and physical health, and is arguably more important than ever during periods of self-isolation. It’s critically important to keep moving your body. Here are some ideas for making the most of your activity at home…


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Coronavirus (COVID-19): How to find calm and stability in your routine

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thumbnail_COVID-19-BLOG-1We are sure so many of you are feeling the stress and anxiety created by the international pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19). These are unprecedented times that call for us to dig deep in a time of great uncertainty. While news about the pandemic and its impact on the world appear to be changing rapidly, we know that the top priority is and always will be the underlying health of you and your family.

This includes treating chronic conditions, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and a multitude of other diseases. In fact, mitigating the elevated health risks posed by these conditions right now may be more critical than ever before.


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