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Stronger Muscles Lead to Longer Life

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Leave a comment

Dust off those free weights. A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine found the more muscle mass older adults have, the less likely they are to die prematurely.


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5 Common Exercise Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Posted on April 8, 2013 by 3 Comments

Common Exercise Mistakes You’re a regular exerciser. You find yourself at the gym, day in and day out, working up a sweat, thinking about building a healthier, more toned body. You’re expecting results, and by all means, you should. But for some reason, you just aren’t seeing them, on the scale and in the mirror.


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9 Ways to Start a Fitness Routine

Posted on May 12, 2011 by 8 Comments

fitnessAre you ready to start a fitness routine? Try the following tips to make getting off on the right foot easier.

Check In: If it???s been awhile since you???ve been active, be sure to check in with your doctor. He or she can help you make a plan for an activity that???s a good match for your current physical abilities and explain when and how to recognize when it???s time to increase the intensity. Even five minutes a day is a good start. It???s more important to do it than to overdo it.


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