5 Signs You’re Ready to Lose Weight

June 9, 2014

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Start Your Day on Weight Loss TrackIt’s easy to say you want to lose weight. Statistics show 51 percent of Americans want to lose weight, but only 25 percent of those people are actually making an effort. Are you up for the challenge? If you answer yes to the following five questions, you may be ready to lose weight and turn your thoughts into reality.

1. Are you reading this? This is the first step. It means you’re thinking about your weight, and something inside you, whether it’s large or small, is telling you to make a change. The next step, though it may be more difficult, is turning your thoughts into actions. You’re in control; you have to find the motivation within to lose weight. By reading this, you’re showing there is at least a sliver of motivation inside of you. Now, you just have to act on it.

2. Are you doing it for the right reasons? You may feel more motivated to slim down during the summer months because you’re showing more skin, but if feeling good in a bathing suit is your primary reason for wanting to lose weight, you are not as likely to be successful long term. Being overweight puts you at risk for diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease and reduces your overall quality of life. Losing weight prevents you from falling victim to these diseases and gives you more energy to do the things you love, among other benefits. Feeling good in a bathing suit is just a bonus!

3. Are you mentally prepared? Losing weight isn’t easy. In fact, there will probably be times you will want to give up, eat a big cheeseburger, and revert to your old habits. You need to be focused and ready to face the challenge. Even if you do eat a cheeseburger, you need to able to look at yourself and say, “I enjoyed it, but it’s not an everyday meal. Now, I’m going to get back on track.” Weight loss is simple: fewer calories in and more calories out. The challenge is staying strong mentally and having a plan when you come across a roadblock.

4. Have you done your research? To be successful, you need to find a weight loss plan that suits your needs. Fad diets may provide a quick fix, but they are not effective at keeping weight off long term. An effective weight loss program should combine nutrition information with behavioral counseling. The Center for Medical Weight Loss, for example, trains medical providers to effectively help you manage your weight. You can find the closest CMWL-trained physician to you here.

5. Are you in it for life? Weight loss is a lifelong journey. You will always be faced with eating choices???fries or a side salad, burger or chicken breast. Even when you reach your goal weight (and of course, you should celebrate!), you have to continue to make healthy choices. You will know you’re ready to lose weight when you’re ready to make a long-term commitment to yourself. You won’t regret changing your life for the better!

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