Revisiting Your Weight Loss Goals

February 23, 2015

weight loss goalsWhether you set your weight loss goal yesterday or at the beginning of the new year, it’s important to check in and monitor your progress. Have you stuck to your weight loss goal? If so, great! If not, where have you slipped up? In what situations do you find yourself tempted to overeat? How do you react to those temptations? Ask yourself these tough questions. Sometimes it’s best to make tweaks to your goals to move forward.

Make necessary changes. Here’s the situation: It was your co-worker’s birthday and you treated yourself to some cake. It wasn’t part of your daily plan, so you think, “Well, my weight loss plan is completely off track, so I may as well eat whatever I want.” Don’t sweat it. Eating a piece of cake won’t ruin your weight loss plan. In fact, treating yourself every once in a while is recommended. On the other hand, throwing your weight loss plan out the window every time you slip up will catch up with you and ultimately pack on the pounds. You can change your goals on a daily basis. In fact, research shows that those who adjust their plan throughout the day were most successful at losing weight. Food is a part of life (a fun part of life), and you can still enjoy it while you lose weight.

Challenge yourself. Don’t go easy on yourself. Those who set difficult but attainable goals are most successful at adopting a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. Setting a difficult goal requires more effort, but the reward is sweeter.

Write it down. Putting your goals on paper or in a digital journal keeps you accountable. Today, many apps make monitoring your calorie intake easy, and research shows those with more complete records lose more weight than those with less complete records. Why? It puts what you are eating in perspective. You have to think twice before going for seconds at the dessert table.

Stay positive. Attitude is everything. A study published in Cognitive Therapy and Research found those who were most positive about their expectation for success were most successful at losing weight. However, fantasizing about being thin won’t get you very far. You have to act on it. Unhappy with your current weight? Use it as the motivation change your current situation. With an optimistic attitude, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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