April 20, 2020

blog_staystrongAs the US continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that we all need to find ways to adapt to a new daily routine that not only keeps us safe from infection but helps us achieve sustainable good health and happiness. One of the benefits of the CMWL program is the personalized care you receive from your provider and center staff. We understand that COVID-19 CDC guidelines and government stay-in-place orders place stress on these relationships and ultimately your ability to stay on track towards your medical weight loss goals.

In the spirit of adaptation, we wanted to make you aware of some options you have access to as part of your CMWL program that can keep your connection intact and keep you motivated to keep going.


The COVID-19 guidelines have caused millions of Americans to revisit their food consumption habits. This is especially true for patients following CMWL meal replacement plans because the items have been exclusively distributed at the point of care in providers offices.

But everyone has to eat and options must be made available to help ease the pressures of accessing meal replacement products.

First, many CMWL centers are offering curbside food pick-up. Please contact your center to see if this is available to you.

If your center is not offering that service and/or you do not feel comfortable leaving your home, we are now offering a way for you to have CMWL meal replacement products shipped directly to your home. allows you to place orders for shakes, bars, soups, and snacks. We are also looking to introduce more options with natural ingredients. If you are interested in direct shipping of your CMWL products, please visit to create an account. If you are a current patient following the program, please contact us for a discount code for your orders. Also, please note that there is free shipping for orders over $75

It is especially important to note that the meal replacement products alone do not constitute a weight loss program. Please consult your physician or medical provider about the use of meal replacement within your comprehensive plan.


Thanks to technology, you also have the option to use the CMWL Patient Connect mobile app. This app offers the ability to track your daily CMWL meal replacement plans, water intake, supplements, and more. It also integrates with a home scale obtained through your provider as well as activity trackers like FitBit and Apple Health. All of the data captured by your mobile app is instantly shared with your medical provider, who can help guide you as you follow your program from home.

In addition to data sharing, CMWL Patient Connect also has a telemedicine video component and the CMWL behavioral counseling modules. These features enable you to keep your one-on-one visits with your provider to review your progress and discuss your assigned behavioral modules

Please note that CMWL Patient Connect is available through participating centers only. Please contact us to determine if your CMWL center offers this service.

Finally, our latest podcast episode of CMWL Weight Loss Talk with Dr. Pinto focuses on the importance of creating a routine around your weight loss efforts for as long as quarantine guidelines are in effect. The CMWL highly-structured plan offers a great foundation to help you create your own.

We recognize these uncertain times can produce a great deal of stress and anxiety. Our message to you is that we will get through this, and we’ll do it together. We’ll continue to work to keep you grounded in what’s important, which is your health and the health of your family. Please stay safe and connect with us if you need help.

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