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Exergaming: Can Video Games Really Help You Lose Weight?

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Leave a comment

Exergaming for weight lossVideo games are not just for kids anymore. According to the Entertainment Software Association, the average gamer is 37 years old, and 29 percent of gamers are over age 50.


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5 Reasons to Eat Egg Yolks

Posted on March 18, 2013 by Leave a comment

eggs for weight lossThe incredible, edible egg gets a bad rap, often under fire for shattering cholesterol levels and contributing to heart disease. Some ditch the yolk completely, thinking eggs whites alone will give them the nutritional benefits of protein while leaving out the harmful fats. However, these beliefs are not completely true.


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Easy Ways to Add Fruits and Vegetables to Every Meal

Posted on March 11, 2013 by 3 Comments

Fruits and Vegetables Our mothers have been drilling it into our brains for years: Don???t forget to eat your fruits and vegetables. Well, Mom was onto something. Eating more of the green stuff is an excellent way to lose and maintain a healthy weight.


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5 Reasons to Take the Stairs

Posted on March 4, 2013 by Leave a comment

taking the stairsYou don’t need a fancy cardio machine to pump up your heart rate. In fact, you can squeeze small exercise sessions into your day simply by trading in the elevator for the stairs.


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Build a Better Breakfast to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Posted on January 21, 2013 by 2 Comments

blog_breakfastYou???ve been hearing it for years: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reason: It???s true. Make the first few minutes of the day your secret weight loss weapon, and watch hunger and cravings disappear along with those extra pounds!??


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Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Loss: What You Should Know

Posted on January 14, 2013 by 3 Comments

blog_sweetnerYou see it at nearly every restaurant. Sitting in the middle of the table, mixed in with the sugar packets. Sometimes it???s a little pink packet, other times it???s blue. The zero-calorie sweeteners. They???re tempting to use and seem like a weight loss dream???a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and stick to your weight loss plan. Not to burst your bubble, but it may be too good to be true.


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